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    Merkel: difficult months ahead of us


October 24, 2020 "We want to avoid severe lockdowns. This pandemic has impacted everyone's lives from a social, work, family, and economic point of view."

Commissioner for health Stella Kyriakides goes straight to the point, to News Mediaset.

To avoid total closures, continues Kyriakides, the rules adopted by the spread of Covid must be followed.

“It is important to encourage testing, contact tracing but also social distance, masks, hand hygiene.

This - concluded Kyriakides - is the only way to contain the virus and prevent a general lockdown that society and our economies cannot afford ".

As for the vaccine, Kyriakides specified that it could arrive "at the beginning of 2021", but that "it will not be the magic bullet. Until we have covered a significant part of the population, we must continue with the containment measures of the Coronavirus".