• Fisco, Confesercenti: in 2020 the tax burden will rise again

  • Phase 2, Confesercenti: 72% of open activities, few purchases

  • Confesercenti: "Consumption is not recovering. Since the start of the Covid crisis, 59.2 billion euros have been lost"


24 October 2020Reduction of approximately € 5.8 billion in household consumption.

Closure of another 20,000 businesses, bringing the number of business terminations expected this year from 90 to 110,000.

Confesercenti has to deal with the new containment provisions of Covid.The 

hypothesis of closures for the first week of November would lead to a total reduction in household consumption to 95.8 billion euros, even with the return to normality in occasion of the holiday season.

Furthermore, according to Confesercenti, if there were to go back to two further months of lockdown, there would be an immediate drop in spending of 40 billion.

Collapse of activity: support immediately

"Having avoided the total lockdown is a positive fact, badly imposed restrictions could still have dramatic repercussions on companies, especially in sectors directly affected by the new restrictions", says Patrizia De Luise, national president of Confesercenti.

"We are asking not only for adequate support to be made available, but for this time to be truly immediate: some measures already announced some time ago - such as contributions for businesses in historic centers, or those for catering and recreational and entertainment sectors - they are still blocked by the lack of implementing decrees. We need to change pace ".

"It is unacceptable that the restriction measures in the activities of firms are not simultaneously accompanied by refreshments appropriate and readily available to businesses, from the first minute. We need solutions to facilitate access to credit and to cover the fixed costs."

Lock rents and failures

A new urgent legislation is that on rents. According to Confesercenti there are at least 70,000 businesses in Italy that are no longer able to pay the rent.

"We must help them - says Patrizia De Luise, national president of Confesercenti - by introducing concessions for owners who reduce or suspend the rent. It is also absolutely necessary to stop bankruptcy procedures ".