Traveling to Pontoise hospital, in Val-d'Oise, the head of state called for "reducing our social life to a minimum" on Friday evening, before saying that it was "too early to say whether we are going towards local or broader reconfigurations ". 

The word is spoken.

Traveling to Pontoise hospital, in Val-d'Oise, Friday evening, Emmanuel Macron spoke of "reconfinement".

The Head of State calls for "to reduce our social life to the maximum" to "become one with the nursing staff", because all the hypotheses are on the table in the face of the coronavirus. 


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The idea is no longer taboo

"Nothing is excluded", they say at the Elysee.

As echoed, a close friend of the Prime Minister admits: "We can no longer exclude that there are local confinements".

The idea is therefore no longer taboo, not even in the mouth of the Head of State when the curfew has just been extended.

"These measures are not intended to be reduced but they may be strengthened, either by expanding geographically, or by also looking at the places, the times when the epidemic is spreading the fastest to reduce these occasions", Emmanuel Macron said on Friday evening.

"It is too early to say whether we are moving towards local or broader reconfigurations," he added. 


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The indicators will be examined in the middle of next week, to see if there is stabilization or if additional restrictions should be considered for the future: curfews at more drastic hours, closure of certain places or neighborhoods, even local confinement.

However, putting the country under cover remains the disaster scenario to be avoided.

"The goal is to find measures to end the epidemic", according to a close friend of the Head of State, "without putting too much strain on people".

A "and at the same time" difficult to implement given the contamination figures of recent days.