Alexander Petrov, 61, a businessman and city councilor called the de facto ruler of Vyborg, was found dead in his villa early Saturday night.

According to Russian media, Petrov was shot in his villa, which is located in the former municipality of Säkkijärvi in ​​Finland.

The details of the case are still unclear, but news sites 47News and Fontanka have reported some crumbs of information based on their own sources.

According to forensic investigators, it appears that the murderer was well acquainted with Petrov's habits and was equipped to kill him from a distance.

According to preliminary data, the murderer struck when Petrov had come out of the sauna and went to the river in front of his villa to immerse himself in the cool water.

47News said Petrov had gone to his villa in the village of Tapiola (Ven. Velikoje) on Saturday and informed his service staff in advance that he wanted a sauna.

When the murder took place, there was a sauna heater and a guard present, who is said to have found Petrov's body.

Petrov apparently had time to go swimming in the river while taking a sauna, which means that the shooter did not strike immediately, but waited for the right moment.

At about half past six in the evening, Petrov once again went to the bank of the river, when the murderer, suspected of being a sniper, apparently struck from the opposite bank of the river.

This version is also supported by the fact that, according to Petrov’s service staff, the villa had no guests and they did not detect any outside intruding in the villa area.

There is no exact information about how Petrov’s villa was built, but very often the villas of Russian wealthy people are surrounded by a fence up to a meter high.

However, if the information about his way of swimming in the river is correct, then presumably he has not been able to fence the river bank, but then he must have come out of the area of ​​his villa and within reach of a potential killer.

Vitali Petrov photographed in 2011.Picture: Handoout / Lotus Renault

Petrov is considered one of the most influential and richest businessmen in Vyborg, also known as the representative of President Vladimir Putin's support party United Russia.

According to the news site Fontanka, the news of his death immediately led to the departure of a “whole division” of forensic scientists from the Leningrad region to find out what had happened.

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Aleksandr Petrov is best known in the world for being the father of Vitaly Petrov, who was the first Russian driver to pursue an F1 career.

Vitali Petrov’s times as a formula driver are over, but he was scheduled to serve on the Portuguese GP jury this weekend.

Petrov is now said to have given up F1 judging because of grief news.

He will be replaced by Bruno Correia.

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Alexander Petrov, for his part, is known in his hometown of Vyborg for his involvement in countless different areas of business and, at the same time, politics.

Indeed, many described him as the real ruler or owner of Vyborg.

Recently, Petrov was divesting his holdings and gas station business at the Vyborg shipyard, but instead he was still actively involved in, for example, Hotel Druzhba, real estate investments, waste management business, shopping center operation, advertising, road and construction companies and real estate maintenance and security.

He also had holdings in the port operations of Murmansk and ran a hunting club as well as the Favorit sports center.