▲ Editorial "USA Today", the largest daily newspaper in the United States, "Vote for Biden, reject Trump"

"If you want to know the real bottom line in the United States, look at USA Today, not the New York Times (NYT) or the Washington Post (WP)."

When I was covering the US midterm election two years ago, I heard from an aide to a former Democratic congressman.

He pointed out, "The Korean media refer to NYT and WP a lot, but WP or NYT is a medium seen by a small number of people with more than a college education in the United States."

He said, "If you want to know the'experienced public opinion' in the United States, refer to USA Today."

That USA Today declared, "Reject Trump, vote for Biden."

It broke the taboo of'silence in the presidential election' and started to support a specific candidate after 38 years of its inception.

USA Today published an editorial on the 22nd in the name of the editorial board, "Unanimously supporting Joe Biden, who will skillfully and calmly stabilize the shaking United States."

Then I asked the American people, "Is the United States better than it was four years ago?"

USA Today closed the editorial saying, "This will be the last time we openly endorse a specific candidate."

In recent polls conducted by USA Today, it appears that President Trump is being pushed by Biden in a race state like Pennsylvania.

USA Today, launched in 1982, is the only newspaper published nationwide in the United States.

Medias with strong tone, such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, have publicly declared support for certain candidates in the presidential election.

President Trump has disregarded these presses against him, calling them'fake news'.

White, middle and low-class voters on their political basis may have believed they don't read newspapers like this.

However, in this presidential election, media companies that have maintained political neutrality have broken the tradition and declared'anti-Trump' one after another.

Such is the case in science fields such as'Nature' and'Scientific American'.

From President Trump's point of view, USA Today's "Biden public support" is inevitable.

This is'News Pick'.