Eva Roque, Friday in "Media Culture" on Europe 1, offered a weekend TV program focused on musical escape.

She will meet you on Netflix with "Voyage vers la lune" and on France 3 Saturday at 22:25 with "Les Victoires du jazz".

Eva Roque's TV recommendations, on Friday in "Media Culture" on Europe 1, offer us a great musical story.

After this trying week in terms of topicality, a few minutes of sweetness.

Musical ride in orbit

For starters, the new Netflix animated film "Journey to the Moon" is perfect for this holiday season.

A musical and spatial adventure which tells the improbable journey of a young girl, Feï Feï, to the moon, to meet the goddess Tchanga.

You fell in love with "Released, delivered"?

Your children will certainly come to break your ears with the super high-pitched songs of this cartoon too.

But this film remains a compendium of poetry evoking family values, the values ​​of friendship.

He praises daring too.

A little wonder co-produced by Netflix and Pearl Studio, an American-Chinese company.

Jazz in the spotlight

Another musical stroll, Saturday evening on France 3, thanks to a moment always eagerly awaited for music fans: the victories of jazz.

No pompous ceremony but live performances around the Molitor swimming pool in Paris.

Mini-concerts interspersed with interviews to get to know these talented French musicians like saxophonist Christophe Panzani better.

And then a huge crush for a pianist and singer named Macha Gharibian who deserves our attention.

These two artists won the Revelation victory.

Yes, tied, and this is the case in several categories because jazz is above all about sharing music.

We recap

- "Journey to the Moon", on Netflix

"Les Victoires du jazz", Saturday at 10:25 pm on France 3 or on the france.tv site