(Fighting against new crown pneumonia) Russia's number of new crown infections in a single day hits a record high

  China News Agency, Moscow, October 23 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) The Russian New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced on the 23rd that in the past day, there were 17,340 new cases of new coronavirus infections in Russia, which is a new high in a single day.

Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov stated that the Russian new crown epidemic is under control.

  According to the Russian New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, the total number of infected people in Russia has reached 1,480,646, which has exceeded 1% of the total Russian population.

Among them, Moscow is the hardest hit area in Russia, with 5478 new infections in a single day.

  Peskov said that the current epidemic in Russia is very tense, but it is still under control.

Various localities have taken various measures to deal with the epidemic and continue to develop.

  Russian virologist Altstein said on the same day that Russia's recent epidemic prevention and restriction measures are taking effect, and it is expected that Russia will reach the peak and stable period of the epidemic in early November.

  Russian Health Minister Murashko said on the same day that Russia is the country with the highest coverage of new crown virus testing. There are more than 200 types of new crown virus and new crown virus antibody detection systems, of which more than 80 detection systems are made in Russia.

In addition, there are currently about 200,000 hospital beds in Russia for people infected with the new coronavirus.

  Murashko said that Russia's first new coronavirus vaccine "Satellite-V" is being tested and showing good test results.

Russia is currently expanding the production of this vaccine, and the results are impressive.

In addition to this vaccine, Russia also uses different technologies to produce different new crown vaccines.

In the future, Russian citizens will be vaccinated against the new coronavirus for free.

  Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an economic work conference held on the 23rd that at present, all parts of Russia should minimize the impact of epidemic prevention measures on the economy while protecting the health and safety of the people.

The new crown epidemic has a particularly large impact on small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia's economy, trade and transportation.

The most important issue now is to increase citizens’ income.

The current situation in the Russian job market is still not optimistic. The unemployment rate in September reached 6.3%, which did not actually decrease compared with August.