Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci did not want to believe his eyes when his Mixed Breed dog received a family addition in October.

Namely, Spelacchia, one of Mallocc's eight dogs, gave birth to a puppy with a green coat.

Spelacchia’s mom and four other siblings are all white.

The green miracle dog was named for reasons other than Pistacchio, or Pistachio.

Mallocci maintains a farm on the island of Sardinia in western Italy.

Pistachio in the middle of its sibling. Image: CRISTIAN MALLOCCI / REUTERS

It is very rare for a dog to be born in green Turkey.

A special color change is believed to occur when light-colored puppies come into contact with the green biliverdin pigment in their mother’s womb.

The pigment is the same that causes a green color in bruises, for example.

However, all the fun ends in time, nor does the special color of the Pistachio last forever.

The bright green hue has faded from the puppy’s fur day by day.

Eventually, the origin of the name Pistach will no longer resemble puppy pictures.

The pistachio family did not hesitate to hand over their green appearance to a new home.Photo: CRISTIAN MALLOCCI / REUTERS

However, the spectacular outlet of the pistachio to the world left its mark on the hearts of the Malloc family.

Even if his brothers and sisters are handed over to new homes, Pistachio is allowed to remain in his childhood home.

Malloci plans to train Pistachio as a sheepdog like his mother Spelacchia.

Sleep tastes good for puppies regardless of color. Photo: CRISTIAN MALLOCCI / REUTERS

According to Mallocc, the color green serves as a symbol of hope and happiness.

The farmer told Reuters he believed the pistachio was intended to make people smile in difficult times amid a coronavirus pandemic.