Familiar with the Miss Helsinki competition and the Whole Finland Baking program, Mailis Penttilä is now a popular social media influencer, followed by almost 35,000 people on Instagram.

With his Instagram account, Penttilä mostly shares a glimpse of his everyday life, which includes cooking, training and jogging with the Lily dog.

Recently, Penttilä got excited to share pictures and videos of his home in the stories section of his Instagram account.

In a video he published, Penttilä said that his and his wife Pekka's home underwent a major renovation a few years ago.

The architectural firm that planned the renovation wanted to come and take pictures of the couple's home, so Penttilä himself got excited to do the same.

- I was excited to take a few pictures myself when it's so cool here for once.

Normally there are Lily's toys around and the kitchen tables here are stuff, Penttilä laughed with his Instagram video.

Photo: Mailis Penttilä's Instagram.

Photo: Mailis Penttilä's Instagram.

Among other things, the Penttilä and Koskinen home has a modern, bright kitchen with plenty of storage space.

Penttilä is known as an avid chef and baker and he shares a lot of recipes and tips for cooking on his own blog.

In addition, the apartment has a separate bedroom, study and living room equipped with a fireplace.

There is also a large wardrobe in the bedroom.

Photo: Mailis Penttilä's Instagram.

Photo: Mailis Penttilä's Instagram.

Photo: Mailis Penttilä's Instagram.

The dining area, on the other hand, has a modern dining table specially made for the couple's home.

The bathroom of the apartment also got a new, modern look during the renovation.

In addition, the home has a sauna.

- The renovation was done a couple of years ago.

A lot of furniture was left here from what was before the renovation, like all the living room furniture and the bed.

The dining table has been commissioned, but new chairs and a sofa were added to the study, Penttilä told in his Instagram story.

Photo: Mailis Penttilä's Instagram.

Photo: Mailis Penttilä's Instagram.

Mailis Penttilä became known for the Whole Finland Baking series in 2013. She also competed for the 2016 Miss Helsinki title.

At that time, Jessica Ruokola won the race.

Since then, Penttilä has become a popular Finnish character.

In the summer of 2019, Penttilä said in the podcast of his friend Rosanna Kulju that he enjoys a lot at home.

Penttilä has been dating his millionaire husband Pekka Koskinen, who has been working in the IT industry for more than seven years.

While visiting the Kulju podcast, Penttilä said that the division of labor between the couple was clear, as Koskinen works and Penttilä takes care of the couple's home.

- I'm really lucky in my opinion, that is the kind of situation that I can do the things I want to do.

And Pekka can do his best.

Many see this as terribly negative and think my husband has made a black slave.

This works insanely well for us, Penttilä said at the time.

Mailis Penttilä and Pekka Koskinen have been dating for more than seven years. Photo: VIENA KYTOJOKI

Penttilä said at the time that his daily life as a “housewife” had surprised many.

However, Penttilä emphasized that it was entirely his own choice.

Penttilä did not feel it necessary to go to work, as he was unable to bring a very large monthly salary to the couple's finances in his day job as a chef.

- When we moved together, it felt stupid to go to work for such a long day, because the amount I earned in our household was not much.

In addition to Pekka bringing money to the family, we are a different couple in the sense that we spend a lot of time apart, Penttilä reflected in Kulju's podcast.

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