It seems that the series of leaks of media and political figures in support of the current Egyptian regime and its president, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, will not stop at what was broadcast on official television during the past days and affect the current Minister of Information, Osama Haikal, as one of the episodes of the series reached the journalist Abdel Rahim Ali, who is considered one of the most prominent supporters of the current authority. During her tenure, a member of the House of Representatives, which ended, as well as running for its next session.

Ali, who heads the editor-in-chief of the "Al-Bawaba News" website known for his ties to security, suddenly became the talk of social networking sites in the last hours after activists circulated a large-scale leak attributed to him in which he talks with his daughter's husband, Counselor Majed Munjid, the judge of the State Council, in a call during which he insults The Egyptian state and its law, affirming that he is "above him", as he challenged President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, that he cannot be held accountable or tried.

Continuing to emphasize that he is not subject to the law, Ali said that he possesses documents and leaks that make him "above the law", again insulting the law in vulgar terms, which made the other party in the call (his daughter-in-law) showed clear reservations about his speech.

Abdul Rahim Ali was famous for broadcasting leaks containing what he said were audio recordings of political opponents of the current regime, especially activists of the January 25 revolution and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, through a program he called "the black box."

And it seems that the other party’s reservations about the circulating leak provoked Ali, so he interrupted him, asserting, “I am Abdul Rahim Ali .. the president of the republic does not know the prosecution. I have to divorce from my house. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi does not know (he cannot) bring me (he takes me to) the Public Prosecution.”

He went on to say, "I have my affliction. If you get it out, I can lock them all." He boasted of his favor with the security leaders, saying, "I answer the director of security at the end of my house when I like to make a report ... This is the director of the General Intelligence coming here to reconcile with me," he said.

The leak ended with Ali saying that what he had done for Egypt made him deserve to make a statue for him in Tahrir Square, not to be tried by law.

Cracking bones

According to observers, the leak comes as part of a fierce electoral battle that some likened to a "bone-breaking" battle that Ali is waging in the House of Representatives elections in front of candidates who also have the right to power, and it coincides with the start of voting abroad and a few days before voting at home, and a day after the issuance of a tag On the site "Twitter" in Egypt, with the title "Giza Elects the Honorable."

Ali is fighting a fierce competition for the individual seat "independent" in the Dokki, Agouza and Giza district (west of Cairo), with each of the well-known businessman Muhammad Abu Al-Enein and Ahmed, son of Zamalek club president Mortada Mansour.

And the accusations against the "For Egypt" list, supported by the existing regime's apparatus, have recently increased, which is what Abdel-Rahim Ali accused his competitors, saying that he is facing "the largest campaign of political money users that took place in Egypt's modern history," stressing that he will win In which.

The president of the Egyptian Zamalek Club, Mortada Mansour, who is competing for one of the seats in the Governorate of Dakahlia (Nile Delta), attacked the “For Egypt” list earlier, saying: “I didn’t pay 50 million pounds of the people's blood to put me on the list ... He pays 50 million of this, and how much remains with him, and he pays those money from where, and how ?!

A number of activists showed their gloom at Ali, who had long boasted of having leaks of opponents, and others asked whether anyone could hold the former parliamentarian accountable for what the leak included.

The bottlenecks became too many within the circles of the regime.

Salah Diab's stranglehold, Mortada Mansour's stranglehold, Osama Heikal's stranglehold, the stranglehold of the CIB Bank and Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, the stranglehold of the elections and the men of the regime and their fights among themselves, the suffocation and scandals of a former Tamarod member that exposed one of the controlling officers.

The situation remained difficult and the country was escaping from it

- Taqadum Al-Khatib (@taqadum) October 23, 2020

Abd al-Rahim on the activist’s call squadron and called himself the black box for the days to turn around, and the one that lasts for a period of calls he gets angry and shows his interest in the perforation of the black box because it is a gang that controls Egypt.

- Mr x (@Mr__x__x) October 23, 2020

The leak of Abdel Rahim Ali, the candidate of the Dokki constituency, that constituency in which 18 candidates are competing, including Ahmed Murtada and Abu Al-Enin, who was sent from unknown parties to some before the start of voting in the elections is not a coincidence, especially at that time when Ahmed Shaban wages war on some of the figures to uproot their parties and support parties affiliated with him

- mahmoud gamal (@ mahmoud14gamal) October 23, 2020

Abdul Rahim Ali leaked: I am above the law and ** Mother of law, and I am a country girl ****

In these leaks, I like to see secularists and patriots eat their gods that they worship in public, shed blood for them, and fill prisons in their name.

This is how they deal with the law, and this is how they view the country.

- Mohamed Elhamy (@melhamy) October 23, 2020

# His gang_ governing_ Egypt Abd Al-Rahim Ali says that what he did for Egypt by making them make a statue for him in Tahrir Square (The belly of the earth is better

than its back for all Egyptians, and I am the first of them) I gave up this life

- abeelmoneimshaban (@ abdelmoneimsha2) October 23, 2020

The leaked clip was further circulated by the opposition journalist Abdullah Al-Sharif broadcasting a special episode about him, whose viewership exceeded a quarter of a million within hours, although it was broadcast outside its usual weekly time.

Al-Sharif asked during the episode, is Abd al-Rahim Ali really "kasir Ayn" of the army and police brigades so that they cannot hold him accountable, and whether the law was actually formulated so that the "defendant" and Abdel-Rahim and others succumbed to it, and whether Sisi really will not be able to take Abdel-Rahim Ali to the prosecution, adding "The Egyptians are waiting for an answer."

Fabricate clients

On the other hand, the spread and spread of the clip prompted Abdul Rahim Ali to write again on his Facebook page, but this time to accuse what he described as "the Brotherhood and employment channels" of "fabricating a call attributed to him."

In a comment on his official accounts on social media, he confirmed what he previously wrote that he “faces a fierce campaign from supporters of political money and their supporters,” adding that the matter “developed and entered the Brotherhood on the line and employment channels, by fabricating a call attributed to me in a desperate attempt to return the pen. I previously gave them on my black box program. "

Some of Abd al-Rahim Ali’s supporters were keen to participate via social media to announce his support in the elections in front of his competitors, while ignoring the talk about the leak, in an apparent attempt to diminish it or its impact on the voters.

The new series of leaks began with the crisis of the Minister of Information, Osama Haikal, with a number of famous Egyptian media figures, when the official TV broadcast last Monday a leak dating back to years ago, in an attempt by the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi to accuse the minister that he was receiving instructions and directions from the businessman, the former head of the Wafd Party, Mr. Al-Badawi, which is the same accusation that the Minister made to some of the media.

During the week that ended, the Egyptians continued a heated struggle, verbal brawl and accusations that reached treason, between the Minister of Information and a number of the most famous broadcasters and journalists, against the backdrop of Haykal's statements that most Egyptians, especially young people, have turned away from following the traditional media, whether related to the written press or television.