Today, Dallas Stars ’Russian striker Aleksandr Radulov’s marriage to top gymnast Daria Dmitrijeva, which lasted about a year, ended stormily in 2017.

According to, Dmitrijeva recently revealed to NTV details of the final stages of the alliance.

According to him, Radulov had a squeal with other women during the alliance.

Radulov communicated on WhatsApp, e.g.

with his ex-girlfriend, which became clear to Dmitrijeva after he hired a private detective.

Radulov and the new mindset ended up changing the message channel, but Dmitrijeva remained on the trail.

- I was like a hacker, I read his (Radulov's) answers.

The answers were intimate - not just how it goes, Dmitrijeva told NTV.

The ex-wife also revealed that she had spent a lot of her husband’s money.

- I never knew how much my husband earned.

I just knew that much, which suited me.

We had a plush amount (of money) in our home.

He said that please if you need to, Dmitrijeva said.

Daria Dmitrijeva practiced silver at the 2012 London Olympics. Photo: Marcelo del Pozo / Reuters

Dmitrijeva, who comes from poor conditions, loves branded products.

- I was a lustful shopper.

I spent quite a bit of money a month on clothes, bags and shoes.

My husband asked if I was crazy: it’s not okay to use that much.

I was able to easily spend a million a day (in rubles, or about 11,000 euros).

He has published pictures on Instagram, from which one can guess that he is still wiping quite well today.

The amount of money in the family home is not in itself surprising.

Radulov has earned a salary of about $ 35 million, or nearly $ 30 million, in his NHL career to date.

In addition to that, there has also been a big pot from the player’s KHL seasons.

The couple's divorce process, with custody disputes, lasted half a year.

Today, the couple has joint custody of the Makar son.

According to the ex-wife, Radulov bought him an apartment in connection with the resignation, gave money for the car and paid maintenance for one and a half years in advance.

Radulov, 34, is currently in a relationship with model Anna Bokiy.

The couple had a child in September.

Aleksandr Radulov played last season in Dallas. Photo: Jerome Miron / USA Today Sports

Radulov, represented by Dallas Stars, lost to Stanpa Cup final series Tampa Bay Lightning 2–4 last season.

The Russian's points balance from 27 playoffs was 8 + 10.

In the regular season, he scored 15 + 19 in 60 matches.

Dmitrijeva, 27, lives in Canada.

In his peak career in rhythmic gymnastics, he achieved, among other things, the 2012 Olympic silver and four world championships.