Civil War Libya Interim Government and Military Organization "Permanent Ceasefire" Agreement October 24, 5:39

In Libya, North Africa, where the country is divided into east and west and the civil war continues, the provisional government in the west and the military organization in the east have agreed to a permanent ceasefire.

The focus is on ending the fight for peace in Libya, which has been in turmoil since the collapse of the dictatorship nine years ago, and leading to a political solution.

In Libya, after the collapse of the dictatorial Gaddafi administration in 2011, the country split, and the interim government based in the western capital Tripoli and the eastern military organization were in a state of civil war, such as the United Nations Discussions have continued through mediation.

According to the United Nations, both sides agreed to a permanent ceasefire at a talks held in Geneva, Switzerland on the 23rd.

They also agreed to jointly monitor to protect the ceasefire and to dismiss foreign soldiers and others who are participating in the battle due to the intervention of each country within three months.

A UN official welcomed the agreement, saying at a press conference, "This agreement will bring a better and more peaceful future to all in Libya."

The interim government and military organizations will also hold talks on political solutions, such as holding elections in neighboring Tunisia, early next month.

However, since the ceasefire has often been broken in Libya, the focus is on whether both sides can end the battle as agreed and lead to a political solution toward peace.

UN Secretary-General "Important Steps for Stability"

UN Secretary-General António Guterres held a press conference at UN headquarters on the 23rd following the ceasefire agreement in Libya, saying, "I congratulate you on reaching the ceasefire agreement across different positions."

"This is an important step towards peace and stability in Libya," Guterres said in a statement that he had been called up early in the morning and received a report of a ceasefire agreement.

Then, in March, he mentioned his appeal to the parties to the ceasefire in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease, saying, "Now is the time for citizens to suffer from Yemen, Afghanistan, and Armenia. It is time to mobilize efforts to mediate the ceasefire in Azerbaijan, "he said, calling on the parties and the countries concerned to accelerate their efforts toward the ceasefire.