Kim Bong-Hyun, a key player in the Lime crisis, who is currently being tried for embezzlement and fraud, continues to make new arguments through a recent statement.

Not long ago, in a trial, he testified that he had handed 50 million won to former Blue House chief Kang Ki-jeong through his aide, and in the statement released on the 16th and yesterday (21st), he lobbied against the ruling party politicians because he could not overcome the prosecution's coercive investigation. Claimed to have misrepresented.

Our coverage team, who first reported on the existence of Kim Bong-hyun, looked back on the coverage process to determine the credibility of the words, but the facts that the front and back did not match were revealed.

Reporter Won Jong-jin covered it alone.


Kim Bong-Hyun claimed that through the two statements of public opinion, the prosecutors had conducted a consolidation investigation, such as inducing a statement until the desired answer to the ruling party politician lobbying allegations came out.

But looking back on the situation in March, something strange appears.

On March 19, when Mr. Kim was fleeing, a suspicion of the association between Lime officials and the Blue House administrator was revealed for the first time by the SBS report, and a man contacted the SBS reporter saying he would report it.

It was Park Mo, who was revealed to have participated in the embezzlement of funds after entering the Veterans Association as vice president under the direction of Kim Bong-hyun.

[Mr. Park/Vice President of the Hyanggun Mutual Inquiry (Last March 19): I think it's President Kim's side.

(Ah, Kim Bong-hyun's side?) Yes.

Well, isn't there another sauce on the side of Chairman Kim?

Then, would you please give me an email?]

Immediately after talking with the reporters, Park sent an email that contained a lobby for passport personnel.

Along with a picture of Lee Sang-ho, former co-democratic party leader Saha-eul in Busan receiving a room salon reception from Mr. Kim, he sent money to former chief political officer Kang Ki-jeong through former Gwangju MBC president Lee Kang-se and lobbied Lee Dong-min Democratic Party lawmaker.

Even before Kim Bong-hyun was arrested, Kim's aide voluntarily reported allegations of corruption in passport personnel.

The claims that they made false statements by coercion do not match.

The prosecution is reported to have obtained the data reported to the media at the time from the arrested Park's computer.

It seems necessary to thoroughly verify the contents and intentions of the disclosure.

(Video coverage: Park Seung-won, video editing: Ha Sung-won) 

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