45 Democratic lawmakers in the US House of Representatives called on President Donald Trump to boycott the G20 summit scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia next month, unless the Kingdom takes immediate measures to improve its "poor" human rights record.

Fox News reported that US lawmakers called - in a letter addressed to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - for the Trump administration to publicly demand Saudi Arabia take clear and urgent steps to end human rights violations and put an end to its reckless foreign policy, according to the message description.

The American representatives called for the release of prisoners of conscience and human rights defenders in Saudi Arabia, real accountability for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an end to the Yemen war, and permission for independent media and journalists to cover freely in the Kingdom.

Members of Congress said that if Saudi Arabia fails to bring about radical changes to its "poor human rights record," the US administration should boycott the upcoming G20 summit and pledge to make human rights reforms a condition for all future dealings between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia hosts a women's summit while activists languish behind bars https://t.co/n3WH08s8oJ

- Human Rights Watch (@hrw_ar) October 20, 2020

Women’s Summit

Meanwhile, activists and human rights organizations have criticized the Saudi authorities, which this week host the G20 summit of women, despite the presence of a number of activists in prison, and demanded their release.

"Saudi Arabia is hosting a summit for women at a time when activists are behind bars," Human Rights Watch said on its Twitter account.

The organization asked the participants at the summit whether they knew about the Saudi authorities' crackdown on women's rights activists, and that they are still behind bars, including Loujain Al-Hathloul, who was tortured.

#Saudi Arabia uses the Women's Summit # W20 to divert attention from its violations of women's rights activists.

Don't let bin Salman clean his record like this!

https://t.co/YfbeR54uf8 pic.twitter.com/2yM9AELQTq

- Human Rights Watch (@hrw_ar) October 20, 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will hypothetically host the “G20 Women’s Summit” this week, where more than 20 women’s rights experts representing non-profit organizations, private companies and academic institutions will discuss the topic “Seizing the opportunities of the twenty-first century for all,” a slogan that “contradicts with The reality of many Saudi women's rights activists today, "according to Human Rights Watch.

According to the organization, the Saudi government’s use of the women's summit aims to divert attention from the grave violations it practices against its citizens, including women activists.

For its part, the Euro-Med Monitor considered that it is "regrettable at the same time to see Saudi Arabia hosting the G20 women's summit at a time when the Kingdom is still holding activists in its prisons calling for women to be granted the most basic civil and political rights."

At a time when # Saudi Arabia is hosting the TwentyWomen's Group;

#Active women are imprisoned in prisons, oppression and torture !!! #Women_in_Saudi Arabia #Group of Twenty # W20 # W20SaudiArabia

- Hend Mohsen (@free_hodhod) October 21, 2020

Many activists launched a campaign at the summit, saying that its purpose is to polish the image of Saudi Arabia.

She stood with the imprisoned activists?

How many girls are exposed to violence and the law sleeping?

How many units have been subjected to harassment, rape, or even murder while the government is sleeping?

Women demand protection every day, and they did not give their demands any attention?

# W20 # W20SaudiArabia https://t.co/aFIIoHNfrL

- Maya ~ 1114 (@ Free_Energy85) October 20, 2020