In the U.S. presidential election, the opposing Republican candidate, U.S. President Donald Trump, and Democrat candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, will clash in one more election debate before the election.

The duo will meet Finnish time on Friday, October 23 at 4 am.

  • ISTV broadcasts a live broadcast of the debate.

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  • The debate is followed from time to time also in text form.

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  • Shortly after the debate, starting at 7.30 on Friday morning, the experts broadcast the debate live in ISTV's studio.

    The dissertation studio is led by ISTV's content manager Antti Virolainen.

    The guest is Maria Annala, a Visiting Researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute.

Trump and Biden's first debate was held on September 30, Finnish time.

The duo’s second argument was canceled after Trump fell ill with a new coronavirus disease and refused a virtual debate.