China News Service, Hangzhou, October 22 (Tong Xiaoyujiang Yang Ye) "Grow grass! It turns out that Zhejiang's make-up products are still so easy to use, and they are absolutely explosive!" Just finished a round of makeup experience, from Taipei, Taiwan Tu Zhongcheng picked up a powder paste in his hand and stated that he would place an order quickly.

  On October 21, more than 10 young people from Taiwan walked into Zhejiang beauty companies to learn about the rejuvenation of the mainland makeup industry and discuss the essence of oriental aesthetics.

Makeup from the MAOGEPING beauty brand and the Forbidden City.

Photo by Wang Gang

  In recent years, innovation and creativity in the mainland cosmetics industry have been in the ascendant.

At the moment when it is calling for "Made in China", Zhejiang Beauty Makeup is practising internal skills while bringing forth the new.

From creating cosmetics IP to cultural shaping, a road to industrial rejuvenation has been taken.

  The experience place of this event-Mao Geping Cosmetics Co., Ltd. launched the MAOGEPING beauty brand in 2000, which is one of the "2019 Zhejiang Top Ten Beauty Brands".

  Wang Qianhui is one of the young people from Taiwan who participated in the event and a student of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University majoring in clothing.

As the makeup model for this event, she tried national fashion makeup.

Taiwan youth experience makeup.

Photo by Wang Gang

  In the makeup process, she used a variety of makeup from the "Qiyundongfang" series launched by the Mao Geping brand in cooperation with the Cultural and Creative Industries of the Palace Museum in Beijing.

  It is reported that this series of cosmetics presents unique Chinese traditional cultural elements on product packaging and colors.

For example, the pattern on the eyeshadow plate comes from the Forbidden City cloud pattern, the pattern on the lipstick comes from the Forbidden City plum blossom, and the color of the lipstick is the color of the red pillar of the Palace of Supreme Harmony.

  Taiwanese youth Zhang Zhenni is now a student at Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics.

Most of her knowledge of Zhejiang cosmetics comes from live webcasts.

"I have been wearing makeup for 3 years, and I have known the MAOGEPING brand for two years. It completely subverted my impression of mainland makeup brands."

  In her view, especially in recent years, mainland brands have made great progress in cultural creation.

"It feels very soulful. Especially those color makeup plates with auspicious clouds printed on them are of quality and culture."

  As Zhang Zhenni said, combining traditional culture with modern makeup is the norm for the development of beauty makeup in mainland China.

  Mao Huiping, vice president of Mao Geping Cosmetics Co., Ltd., said that as early as the beginning of its establishment in 2000, the company set its development goal to build a national brand.

"Color cosmetics must not only be good-looking, but also cultural. We must be a true national boutique from the inside out."

  In her view, young people's consumption philosophy has changed. They no longer blindly pursue big brands, they pay more attention to whether the products are suitable for them, and they like to experience themselves and try new things. "In fact, the effect of mainland cosmetics is not inferior to that of international brands. Coupled with the younger product packaging, the brand has been given a heavy sense of history and culture, etc., which has laid a solid foundation for us to start again." (End)