China News Service, October 22. According to the US "World Journal" report, the Chinatown Business Improvement District of Manhattan, New York held a press conference on October 21, local time. According to the survey, 99% of the 300 restaurants in the business reform district were held. Businesses are unwilling to charge customers a “COVID-19 Recovery Charge” to encourage people to go to Chinatown to consume and enjoy high-quality and inexpensive food.

  The New York City Council passed legislation in September to allow restaurant owners to add up to 10% of the "epidemic recovery fee" to dine-in customers to subsidize the rent, water, electricity, and labor costs of restaurants during the epidemic. Takeaway will not charge an additional epidemic recovery fee. Category.

  Chen Zuozhou, the administrative director of the Chinatown Commercial Reform District, stated that the Commercial Reform District conducted a survey of 300 restaurants on October 15th. Only one restaurant stated that if the business cannot continue, it "will consider" charging customers 10%. The rest of the restaurants The owners have made it clear that there will be no additional charges.

  Chen Zuozhou said that Chinatown restaurants can drive the entire business district, which in turn brings benefits to other businesses such as retail and beauty, and hopes to encourage people to enthusiastically spend in Chinatown and help small businesses.

(Yan Jiaying)