According to a THL press release, the vast majority of new infections come from a source that is not constrained by official restrictions: it is its own family.

According to THL, about 40 percent of the infections in which the source of the infection was identified occurred within the family.

Speaking at the press conference on Thursday, Anna Katz, THL's project manager, said that the patient's home should be cleaned well.

The patient could also stay, if possible, in their own room.

More than a quarter of the infections, in turn, came from leisure situations: they highlight private parties, evenings, and other related party events.

One-fifth of reported infections were reported in workplaces, educational institutions, and day care centers.

There is a lot of news about mass exposures, but there is variation in how much they produce further infections.

According to recent THL data, mass exposure events were described in 14 hospital districts.

In four hospital districts, mass exposures occurred in social and health care units.

About one-third of all reported mass exposures occurred in kindergartens or educational institutions.

However, these mass exposures of educational institutions have become few contagious infections, according to THL.

In addition, mass exposures also occurred in workplaces, hobbies, private parties and restaurants.

At week 42, the majority of new infections were from domestic and only less than 5 percent from abroad.

According to THL, infections that occurred abroad caused only isolated follow-up infections in Finland.