China News Service, October 22. According to TASS News Agency’s report on the 22nd, Kucherena, a lawyer for Snowden, a former CIA employee, stated that Russia has granted Snowden permanent residency.

Data map: Snowden, a former employee of the CIA.

  Kucherena said Snowden has not yet considered applying for Russian citizenship.

  Earlier, Kucherena stated that Snowden’s Russian residence permit was originally scheduled to expire on April 30, 2020, but it was automatically extended to June 15 during the new crown virus pandemic.

After the epidemic lockdown ended, Snowden submitted an application for extension of residence.

  In 2013, Snowden exposed through the media that the U.S. government had extensively monitored domestic and foreign calls and monitored Internet communications, which caused an uproar in the international community.

The US government subsequently issued a wanted for Snowden on charges of espionage, theft, and unauthorized disclosure of defense and intelligence information.

After that, Snowden was granted an asylum permit and lived in Russia for many years.

  In 2019, Snowden published his autobiography "Permanent Record".

In an interview with American media, he said that returning to the United States was his ultimate goal, but he did not seek pardon, but only hoped for a fair trial.