• Afghanistan: bombs in a market in Helmand province, at least 23 dead

  • Afghanistan: teenager shoots the Taliban who killed her parents


October 22, 2020 They were studying in a "madrasa" or a Koranic school when an air raid hit her in full.

Twelve children died and 14 were injured.

It happened last night in the village of Hazara Qisshlaq, in the Afghan province of Takhar.

This was announced by the spokesman for the governor of the province Jawad Hijri.

A massacre that comes a few hours after another attack in the same area.

The target was a military base: 40 Afghan soldiers killed.

According to the provincial councilor Mohammad Azam Afzali, the air raid on the Koranic school would be triggered because some rumors indicated the madrasa as a place of refuge for the militiamen who had unleashed the attack on the security forces.

Rumors that would have been denied by other rumors, according to which the militiamen, at the time of the bombing, had already left the mosque.