In Åland, a boulder has been removed from the edge of the fairway of the passenger ship Amorella's grounding in September by blasting, the Fairway Agency said on Thursday.

The boulder was in the Hjulgrund Narrow Gate of the Pharmacy Route used by shipping.

The investigation into the pharmacy route began after Viking Line's Amorella vessel made a bottom contact in September.

The fairway was closed during the blasting work, but was opened to traffic on Thursday morning in a restricted manner.

The full width of the bus is in use when the temporary cape installed at the block is removed.

On Thursday, Simo Kerkelä, the head of the Finnish Maritime Administration's maritime unit, estimated that the cloak could be removed within a week, but there is no exact estimate yet.

Amorella had about 200 passengers and 80 crew members at the time of the accident.

There were no injuries.

The Accident Investigation Board (Otkes) is investigating the accident.