The corona crisis this fall is'realizing' in the US and Europe.

In the United States, more than 1,100 people were killed in a single day, and in France, the number of new cases exceeded 41,000 per day.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo reports.

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United States on the 21st, 1,124 people died from Corona 19.

It is the highest number of deaths since the 15th of last month when 1,288 people died.

62,000 new cases were added a day on the 21st.

As a result, the number of corona19 confirmed cases in the United States exceeded 8.38 million, and the number of cumulative deaths exceeded 222,000.

The number of new cases decreased only in Hawaii, and the average number of new cases per day for the past week in 31 states increased by more than 10% compared to the previous week.

European countries also record the highest number of new cases every day.

In France, the number of new confirmed cases increased to over 41,000 on the 22nd, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 1 million.

The French government has decided to apply a curfew in 38 additional states, prohibiting going out from 9 pm to 6 am the next day.

This measure prevented 46 million people, or 70% of the French population, from going out at night without good cause.

Italy had 16,000 new cases on the same day.

The second spread of Corona 19 is becoming a reality in all parts of the northern hemisphere ahead of winter, such as the United States and Europe.