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It's Thursday time for current affairs critic Hyunjun Koh's news.

Shall we look at the first news?


first news of

<Ko Hyun-jun/Sisa Critic> is

the story of a polar bear. In Russia, an endangered polar bear was caught in a garbage truck and begging for food.

A pack of polar bears flocking around a garbage truck. 

Crawling on top of a truck, or pushing your head toward the driver's window.

The driver doesn't care if he pushes it with his hand, and he doesn't care. It seems that he has come to get food. The man who filmed this image was curious, but he was sad to say how hungry the polar bear would have been.

Polar bears mainly hunt on sea ice, and as the sea ice decreases due to climate change, it is said that they are suffering from food shortages.

Research has shown that polar bears will disappear from the planet at the end of this century, and hunger-stricken polar bears are looking for their own survival strategy to come down to the villages where people live and eat food waste.

As this situation continues, we are seeing a strange phenomenon in which polar bears do not move into the icy waters at all.


It hurts my heart, I think I should start one by one in my practice of thinking about the environment and my life.

What about the next news?

<Hyun-Joon Koh/Presentation Critic>

Something that he couldn't laugh about happened in England, and he said that a man received the help of heavy equipment, not an ambulance, to go to the hospital.

Something is lifted by a crane and comes out of a house window.

What Crane is moving now is a 30-year-old man named Jason Holton.

Jason said that he had been stuck in the house for the past five years and only ate fast food delivery foods such as kebabs, meat, and french fries. I can't even go outside.

I had lymphedema with severe swelling of my arms or legs while living only lying on two beds, but I asked for help from the rescue team because of unbearable pain, but I was too big to get out of the door. I had to get it.

It took 7 hours for rescue workers to remove the window and then fix Jason on a crane and move it to the ground. Jason, who was moved to the hospital, was large since childhood, but after signing up for the delivery app, he gained a lot of weight. I told you.


Actually, if convenient is a sin, it is a sin, but the delivery app doesn't seem to be a big sin, so let me know the next news.

<Ko Hyun-jun / Current Affairs Critic>

Today (22nd), we will deliver the last news.

The nameplate attached to the Japanese novel section in a bookstore in Daejeon is currently controversial. On the 20th, a photo of the nameplate inside a bookstore in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon was posted on social media on the 20th.

Novels by Japanese authors such as Haruki Murakami and Keigo Higashino are displayed under the nameplate that says Japanese novels.

Waegyu refers to Japanese pirates who were plundering off the coast of Korea in the 13th to 16th centuries, and now it is generally used when calling Japan undermined.

On social media, various opinions diverge from criticism that "if you don't like Japan that much, don't deal with Japanese books at all", to reactions that there is a disgusting corner when you go to a Japanese bookstore.

On the controversy, the owner of the bookstore said that last year, he was angry about Japan's retaliatory action against the economy and changed the nameplate.

However, he added that he thought that there might be people who are uncomfortable, and that if there are a lot of objections, it could be changed back to a Japanese novel.