The European Union re-imposes entry bans on those coming from Canada, Tunisia and Georgia

Italians in a market wearing masks.


Diplomats in the European Union told the German news agency (dpa) that the Union will re-impose entry bans on those coming from Canada, Tunisia and Georgia due to fears of the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

This is the first time that restrictions on travel to the European Union have been tightened in nearly two and a half months.

People from Canada, Tunisia and Georgia will only be allowed to enter the European Union if the reason for entry is vital.

On the other hand, restrictions on arrivals from Singapore were lifted, after the approval of European Union ambassadors, according to diplomats.

According to the revised rules, which still need to be approved in writing, only citizens of Singapore, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand and Uruguay will be allowed to enter the union without restrictions.

At the start of the pandemic, the European Union imposed travel restrictions for citizens of all non-member countries except for Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

Last July, travel restrictions began to be eased, but the return of the number of people infected with the virus increased, prompting the European Union to re-impose restrictions.

And the treatment of any country with regard to travel to the Union is determined on the basis of the numbers of new infections registered in it during the past two weeks.

Other criteria also include the measures that any country applies to limit the spread of the virus and its response to the pandemic in general.

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