Prime Minister Suga's statement of belief Draft revealed Regulatory reform and prevention of corona infection, etc. October 22, 4:05

At the extraordinary Diet session to be convened next week, the draft of Prime Minister Suga's first statement of belief was revealed.

In addition to breaking down the vertical division of the government and making every effort to reform regulations, he emphasized that the explosive infection of the new coronavirus will be absolutely prevented, and will resume socio-economic activities to recover the economy.

Prime Minister Suga will give his first statement of belief at the extraordinary Diet session convened on the 26th next week.

In the draft of the speech that was found, as a "Cabinet working for the people", he showed his determination to realize reforms and create a new era, break down the vertical division of administration, vested interests, and the principle of precedent, and reform regulations. I will do my best.

Then, in addition to abolishing the principle of imprinting in administrative procedures and realizing insurance coverage for infertility treatment, promoting permanent online medical care and reducing mobile phone charges, the promised reforms produced results and realized the results. I want you to do it.

In addition, regarding the measures against the new coronavirus, after emphasizing that "absolutely prevent explosive infections and protect the lives and health of the people," we will resume socio-economic activities to recover the economy and realize digitization. However, we are planning to create a new society with with corona and post-corona.

The company plans to secure a vaccine that can be provided to all citizens by the first half of next year, giving top priority to confirming safety and efficacy, and to give priority to elderly people and healthcare professionals for free vaccination.

He emphasized that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics "will be held next summer as a proof that humankind has overcome the virus."

On the other hand, regarding the social image that we are aiming for, the people say, "Self-help, mutual assistance, public assistance" and "bonds", first try it yourself, help each other in the family and the community, and then protect it with a safety net. I will appeal to aim for a government that is trusted by.