Large-scale demonstration in protest against Nigerian police violence killed on October 22 at 0:54

In Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, large-scale demonstrations centered on young people protesting police violence continue, killing people from fire by security agencies.

In Nigeria, a large-scale protest demonstration centered on young people began when a video of a boy being shot dead by police officers spread online earlier this month.

President Buhari has announced the dismantling of police departments and has curfewed Lagos, the largest city, but demonstrations continue to expand.

According to Amnesty International, an international human rights organization, security agencies fired on thousands of demonstrators on the night of the 20th, resulting in multiple deaths.

Prior to this, in a town in southern Nigeria, on the 19th, a part of demonstrators became a mob and attacked a prison, and local media reported that about 200 people had escaped.

Nigeria has the largest population of nearly 200 million in Africa and continues to grow.

Increasing dissatisfaction with powerful police among young people in urban areas appears to be behind the large-scale demonstrations, raising concerns about further turmoil.