China News Service, October 21. According to foreign media reports, France will hold a memorial ceremony for the French history teacher Samuel Patty who was killed last week on the 21st. At the same time, seven people including two students will be involved in the event. The case appears in court.

Data map: Paris streets during the curfew.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Yang

  Samuel Patty was beheaded to death on the 16th, and the suspect Anzorov was shot dead by the police for resisting arrest.

A photo of Patty and a text message claiming responsibility for the murder were found on his mobile phone.

  According to preliminary investigations, Anzorov was born in 2002 and is from Chechnya, Russia. He had lived in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, and the intelligence agency did not know about him before the incident.

  Later on the 20th, nine of the 16 people charged with murder were released, including four family members and three students of the suspect Anzorov.

  The police have carried out dozens of raids and the government has ordered the closure of a mosque for six months and plans to dismantle an organization that supports the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

  French President Macron said on the 20th: "Our compatriots want the government to take action." On the evening of the 21st local time, Macron will attend the official memorial service at the Sorbonne University in Paris with Patty's family and about 400 people.

Macron will posthumously award Patty France's highest medal of honor-the French Legion of Honor.