Mikael Huhtamäki's new book Scream for me Finland!

(Bazar Kustannus, 2020) contains numerous stories about the preconceived notions of international heaven bands in Finland in the 1980s.

One chapter of the book focuses on the band phenomenon, which originated in Finland in the early 1970s.

One of these young women who wanted the bands in the back rooms was Annika Metsäketo, a 17-year-old high school student at the time.

Annika and her friends developed several ways to create band relationships.

One trick called a special poker mask.

- I and my circle of friends had a good system.

We were called to hotels, tried to sound like parents, and played the reporter of some magazine.

That's how we found out which hotel each caller is in, Metsäketo says in the book.

The tricks worked and soon Annika and her friends were seen at a gig by Kiss, Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe and many other bands - and finally at a post-gig party.

The faning, however, was kind.

Metsäketo and his friends stood out from other bands.

- We saw what they were up to and partly because of them we were also thought to be divided there into that.

They often talked to the band’s guys, and they said, “joke when it’s nice that you don’t oo rather than mimes in general, these Groupie types”.

The longest connection to Metsäkedo was made with Joe Lynn Turner, who sang in the band in the follow-up party to Yngwie Malmsteen's gig in December 1988.

At that time, Metsäkedo 's father - musician Martti Metsäketo - intervened in his daughter' s activities.

- We were partying at the Inter-Continental nightclub and I was a minor, 17 years old.

I remember it every time I danced and drank beer and got burned inside and partyed.

The whole time I had seen with a side eye that someone was standing there at the door, but I didn’t look closer.

I remember that for a moment.

It was Dad.

Dad had come to pick him up from there, Metsäketo recalls in the book.

The Forest Cat's outerwear was in Joe Lynn Turner's hotel room.

They had to be picked up before the girl could be escorted home.

- We had received passports from Joe, who had to come to open the door of his hotel room to get the Swedes and others from there.

Then we went to the elevator and Dad measured looking at Turner, who just introduced himself: “Hi, I’m Joe Lynn Turner, nice to meet you”.

And Dad looked at his hand and turned his head away.

I whispered that: you can't do that, you don't realize that brought is Yngwie Malmsteen's singer.

Dad said you have exactly two minutes to be down there.

Yes, of course.

The next morning, Dad drove to Metsäedko School.

He was still left to make sure the girl stayed in school as well.

However, his father's intervention did not prevent the young Metsäketo from returning to Turner.

Everything else.

- Then I thought about it as soon as Dad left.

But it didn't leave.

It was quite many hours with the car out there, knowing her daughter.

At some point I noticed that now it was gone.

Eiku rotated on and into Inter.

The trip continued from the hotel with the band.

- I still ran away to a gig in Sweden.

The relationship with Turner was strengthened and Metsäketo met the singer whenever he was at a gig in Finland.

The meetings have continued until recent years.

Turner has even made a song called Imagination for Metsäkedo on his solo album.

At gigs, Turner often dedicated Rainbow’s Street of Dreams song to his fans.

- There was terrible love on both sides, Annika recalls in the book.

Annika's desire to meet bands was based on fanaticism.

- I've been terribly naive and childish, in a certain way.

That I am to have them in my idols, I've loved and idealise them, they have been to me everything.

But it has been kind of selfless, however, that I have not expected any echo - or hoped anything that this would become some love romance.

You haven't just been admiring it.