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The reason why Indian doctors dance dazzlingly, wrapped in protective clothing from head to toe, is moving to many.

On the 19th of local time, foreign media such as Times of India introduced the story of Arup Senapati, a doctor who is in charge of treating Corona 19 patients at a hospital in Assam, India.

Mr. Senafati has devoted 18-20 hours a day to caring for the rapidly growing number of patients due to the corona19 infection.

Moreover, as I had to face the patients face-to-face, I had to wear heavy protective clothing and masks throughout the shift.

However, even this situation did not prevent Senafati's long hobby.

It was to follow the dance of Ritick Roshan, known as a popular Indian movie star and outstanding choreographer.

The dance of Ritic Roshan is familiar to everyone in India, but is famous for being impossible to follow because of its complex and challenging movements.

Even though the dance practice time was much shorter than before, Senapati took time to learn various movements, and eventually mastered the dance perfectly.

In fact, there was another reason that Mr. Senafati was so passionate about dancing even in the midst of busy and difficult times.

It was to give a moment of laughter to patients who are depressed by being separated from important people from Corona 19.

In fact, the patients were amazed and delighted when the doctor, who was covered in protective clothing and could not see their faces, suddenly started dancing to a familiar song.

Ritic Roshan's peculiar quick footwork and wave were followed by exclamation.

After the hospital colleague Faizan Ahmad released the video of Senafati's dance on social media, many netizens said, "It's good to be a professional choreographer", "It's full of vitality just by looking at it", "I feel that it's really for patients. "And cheered.

Actor Ritick Roshan himself also drew attention by sharing a video of Mr. Senafati. Ritick Roshan said, "I want to learn foot movements too. I want to dance like this one day," and said, "I want to dance like this one day." I praised it.

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