Vox has presented in the National Court an accusation letter against Pablo Iglesias in which he requests a total of 13 years in prison and a fine for four crimes for the Vice President of the Government.

The brief is presented despite the fact that Iglesias is not even charged since his situation is in the hands of the Supreme Court, after Judge Manuel García Castellón sent the High Court the evidence that in his opinion supports the accusation of the gauge.

In this rationale, the judge pointed to the possible commission of the crimes of discovery and disclosure of secrets, computer damage and false report.

The Supreme Court has requested the opinion of the Prosecutor's Office on the opening of a case against Iglesias.

To get to the moment of presenting an accusation statement, it would be necessary for the Supreme Court to open that procedure, question Iglesias as a defendant, complete the investigation and conclude that there are sufficient indications to proceed with the case as an abbreviated procedure.

Then he would collect the indictment.

Vox, who defends this week a motion of censure in Parliament, is in the

Dina case

as a




His indictment is also directed against Dina Bousselham, former advisor to Iglesias and owner of the mobile phone that is at the origin of the investigation opened at the Court, for the disappearance of the mobile and the publication of some of the data it contained.

For her, he requests eight years in prison.

The initial investigation into an operation against Podemos ended up leading to a possible assembly of the formation to obtain electoral revenue.

Vox asks Judge García Castellón to send his writing to the Supreme Court, either expanding the rationale or taking a new one.

And that it incorporates the account of events that leads him to request that Iglesias be imposed six years for procedural fraud, four for discovery and disclosure of secrets and another three for computer damage, in addition to a fine for the false report.

The formation maintains that Iglesias saw in the publication in the media of messages supposedly obtained from the stolen mobile phone a political opportunity and a decision to present himself as a victim in the National Court (false complaint and procedural fraud).

In addition, he retained the card of his adviser (a variant of the disclosure of secrets) that he received from the accused journalists and damaged it before returning it (computer damage).

In addition, Vox asks that the part of the case that was not referred to the Supreme Court and that reaches the retired commissioner

Jose Manuel Villarejo

and two



who gave him the copy of the memory card of the phone that the policeman I had asked them.

The popular accusation considers that new procedures are necessary, including the provision of the full chats of the Podemos legal team in which the judicial strategy in that case was discussed.

The letter of Vox against Iglesias comes after the leader of Podemos himself filed an appeal against the rationale sent to the Supreme Court, a procedure that according to legal sources is not possible either.

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