The UFC will see the most teasing match of the long term next weekend, when the losing Habib Nurmagomedov will face the extremely dangerous Justin Gaethje in a lightweight title match.

Numerous experts have said that the match style of Gaethje, who won the previous four matches and only lost twice in the UFC, is perfect for covering the overwhelming Nurmagomedov on the mat.

Russian terror coach Javier Mendez admitted in an interview with The Sun that his protector could get tight.

Especially if Gaethje gets to keep fighting in his own comfort zone, upright.

The doubt is not uncovered, as the 31-year-old Yankee is deservedly considered one of the UFC’s best upright and defensive advocates.

- He (Gaethje) is definitely a first class wrestler.

He is also an excellent kick the legs - in fact the best that I have ever seen in the UFC.

However, this is a freestyle match, and Habib has trained it, not a wrestling match, Mendez noted.

Justin Gaethje is expected to be a dangerous resistance to the reigning lightweight champion. Photo: USA TODAY USPW

In May, Gaethje destroyed Tony Ferguson, who originally planned to oppose Nurmagomedov, in a brutal match that was largely upright.

Both took harsh hits, but Gaethje left the cage as a winner thanks to his technical knockout in the fifth set.

However, Mendez reminded that he also has a better reputation as a standing athlete.

Excerpts from the convincing vertical work were obtained as early as two years ago, when Nurmagomedov, 32, turned off the lights from the sports legend Conor McGregor.

- If they get to stop Habib's biggest weapon, the lock, we have to resort to our attack.

In it, Habib can destroy anyone.

He’s better upright than during the Conor match, and he’s willing to do just about anything, Mendez announced.

Nurmagomedov has been the UFC Lightweight Champion since April 2018.Photo: USA TODAY USPW

Gaethje himself erupted in confidence during the match.

In an interview with Morning Kombat, he doubted that Nurmagomedov would not last as long in his vertical model as Ferguson in the spring.

- I sow destruction in one way or another during a 25 minute match.

What comes to Tony - he loves to be beaten.

I am sure that Habib did not feel well, he boasted.

Gaethje is considered one of the UFC's best upright and defensive advocates. Photo: Jonathan Hayward / MVPhotos / ZUMA

Nurmagomedov has been the UFC Lightweight Champion since April 2018.

The lightweight title match on the fighting island of Abu Dhabi will begin in Finnish time on Saturday night.