China News Service, October 20. According to the official Weibo report of the Wuchang District Public Security Bureau in Wuhan, the branch received a 110 call at 15:00 on October 19, and a man died in the first office of the Hubei Provincial Higher People’s Court Complex. .

The police arrived at the scene in time and confirmed by 120 that the man had no vital signs.

After verification, the deceased Zhang Moubin (male, 53 years old) was a staff member of the Hubei Provincial High Law Office.

Image source: Weibo screenshot

  Public security organs rule out criminal cases through investigation and investigation.

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  The Hubei Higher People's Court reported on the 20th that Comrade Zhang Zhongbin, a member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice President of the Hubei Higher People's Court, hanged himself in the office at noon on October 19, 2020.

It is understood that Zhang Zhongbin suffers from illness and takes medicine for a long time.

Public security organs rule out criminal cases through on-site investigations and investigations.