The deer hunt is a full year for many hunters.

Swedish hunter Matts Isaksson thought he had easily caught a handsome deer bull, but it turned out otherwise.

The deer started running straight towards him in Järpen, Jämtland, northern Sweden after deer hunting began in Sweden in October.

Isaksson talks about his experience in Swedish TV4.

The daughter of Åke Lundström, who took part in the yacht, got the whole event on video.

The video has been published on Lundström's Facebook account.

- When I shot the first shot, the deer reacted to it by starting to run towards me.

I shot another shot again, but the deer just approached.

I was afraid the deer horns would hit me soon, Isaksson says of his experience.

TV4 estimates that Isaksson's gaze says it all about fear.

Eventually, the deer fell just a few feet from the hunter.

The live weight of the largest male deer or bulls can be up to 600 kilos.

The daughter of Åke Lundström, who took part in the yacht, got the whole event on video.

- It was really scary, Isaksson describes.

According to Isaksson, the video tells well that the deer are able to run far, even though they have received multiple hits.

- They have enormous powers, which can be clearly seen in the video, he emphasizes.

A Finnish expert watched the video and told about the situation.

- Sometimes the deer really continues the journey, even though it has been hit, Ohto Salo, the game center of the Game Center in Southern Savonia, tells Ilta-Sanomat.

He reminds that a deer does not always fall to the ground from one hit, even if the hit was good, that is, if it has hit the area of ​​the stage.

- The length of the getaway most often still depends on where the terrible hit, he says.

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