Nigeria: protesters demand resignation of President Buhari

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The SARS, an anti-crime brigade is still in the crosshairs of demonstrators in Nigeria: this cake illustrates the brutality of the actions of the SARS, the Special Anti-Robbery Squads, on October 17, 2020. REUTERS / Temilade Adelaja

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Anger against police violence is still strong in Nigeria and despite the suppression of the anti-crime squad, the youth of the middle and upper classes in the main cities of the south of the country refuse to fall into line.

The protests continue, and the slogans of the marchers are now openly targeting Nigerian political elites.


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with our correspondent in Lagos,

Moïse Gomis

Yesterday Monday, in Abuja, the authorities strengthened the protection of places of power.

The police have crisscrossed the center of the capital and the army reinforced this police presence, in particular around the main axes leading to the districts of the ministries, the National Assembly, the embassies and the Central Bank.

Protesters have been playing cat and mouse all morning with security forces trying to prevent them from occupying certain places.

But Lagos airport and several major axes have been blocked by the youth.


It's not hunger that makes me cry in the street!

I manifest on behalf of my future children who are not yet born ... If we continue like this in Nigeria, the next generations will not have to eat!

 », Launches a protester in a procession that blocks traffic in Jabi, a residential and commercial area not far from the city center.

At 42, this is the first time Joshua has dared to block traffic in this portion of the street in the capital.

He feels strong, relieved to be able to express years of frustrations just like Grace, sign in hand and determined not to be silent anymore.

I'm angry… I'm so angry, how can we be in a country and live without peace, never being happy?"

Without any moment of happiness to share?

The price of fuel has increased again, it will continue ... And for food?

A 50kg bag of rice can now be bought for the equivalent of 80 euros.

No security!

Our lives are worthless here in Nigeria!


They are nearly a thousand people, mostly under 30 years old.

In their sights, the Nigerian political class.

And in particular Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian President.

We demanded the stop of

this anti-crime squad on the first day,"

launches exasperated Prince Ironsi. 

The president didn't say anything, the second day he didn't say anything, the third day he didn't say anything ... The president is deaf, he doesn't hear us ... Because he leaves of citizens being brutalized, Muhammadu Buhari should resign


There is little police presence in this district of Jabi, while less than 10 km as the crow flies, the army and police are deployed around the Presidency, Parliament and the Central Bank.

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Incase you don dey tire ... another dreams and future cut short .. #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW #EndSARSBrutality #EndSARS

  prof🌓 (@ KimDinhNguyen2) October 20, 2020


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