Athlete Maria Huntington, 23, opens up in the latest Trend magazine about the painful sacrifices she has had to make in the face of her sports career.

Huntington says he wouldn’t change his career as a professional athlete to anything, even though he has had to give up a lot to achieve his tough goals.

The big sacrifice for her is forgetting the maternal dreams for now.

Huntington says she and her boyfriend are ready to start a family - but sports are the only obstacle to making it happen.

The seventh-grader reveals that he dreams of motherhood more and more.

- I struggle with this a lot.

I've talked to motherhood and becoming pregnant with sports psychologists.

We’ve been wondering together when it would be a good time to get pregnant and how long I can wait, she tells Trendi magazine.

Maria Huntington (front) at the Kaleva Games in August. Photo: Lassi Rinne

Huntington, representing Tampere Pyrintö, told the newspaper that she had tentatively planned to try to get pregnant after the 2024 Paris Olympics, at the age of 27.

However, she wonders - even scares - what pregnancy does to her body and performance.

According to Huntington, Finnish sports circles could take a different approach if a female athlete has children during her career.

- I hope that in Finland, female athletes could start their families during their careers, and that would not be abnormal and reprehensible, she says.

Pregnancies of women who play sports at the top of the world have been rare in Finland, but not completely unusual.

Top skiers such as Riitta-Liisa Roponen and Aino-Kaisa Saarinen gave birth to Girl Babies and then returned to the absolute top.

Huntington would not want to wait too long for his dream to come true.

- I am also aware that getting pregnant can take years of trying.

Therefore, I would like to start trying children if now, when I am young, he ponders Trend magazine.

Huntington, who debuted at the Adult World Championships in Doha last fall, has spoken openly about sports-related pressures and sacrifices in the past.

She said in June she was stressed about her appearance in a race outfit.

- I've really struggled this year to get fit.

And I’m not talking about a productive condition now, but a look.

While I always say I don’t take the pressure of looks so much at the same time on the stress that I would look like in a race outfit that month, he wrote on Instagram.

Huntington’s output at the time received huge support from other front-line athletics stars.