Journalist Ina Mikkola's Tilipäivä program discussed sexual harassment in the workplace on Tuesday night.

Endia Patterson, who works as a porter, told about her own experiences on the live broadcast on Yle TV2.

Pattersson is familiar with the Stripped program presented by Sub, in which he participated in 2017. In the terrible program, ordinary Finns gave up all their property for a month to try an ascetic life and even stayed in their homes without clothes.

Patterson was seen in the series along with their roommate Laine Bruce and at the start of the program they sat in an empty apartment completely naked.

Within days, they got their goods back one at a time while getting used to living without everyday commodities.

In addition to the Stripped series, Patterson was seen at the Miss Hot Rod in 2018, where IS readers chose her as one of their favorites.

The 29-year-old Patterson has worked for more than a decade in a variety of roles in the restaurant industry.

He currently works as a janitor in a restaurant.

He enjoys his job and feels that in a male-dominated field he is respected by colleagues.

- The best thing about my job is that I get to be close to people as myself and meet people as they are, Patterson told Ina Mikkola.

However, there is also a nasty side to Patterson’s work that reminds itself almost daily.

Namely, he encounters seizures and other forms of sexual harassment almost every day in his work.

- Every single shift has some kind of commentary, physical touch, rapprochement, Patterson said on TV.

According to Patterson, his appearance is commented on really often.

Observations may be made about his body, which is then shaken for him during the shift.

- Some may come to hint at the back, supposedly secretly.

The size and shape of the breasts may be commented on, he lists.

Commentators and troublemakers are usually customers of the restaurant, mostly men, but women are also involved.

Patterson usually tries to react to situations with laughter and then escapes the scene.

Laughter is an escape route for him out of a nasty situation, even though he really isn’t laughed at.

According to Patterson, he has also been sexually harassed by his former supervisor.

According to Patterson, he has been powerless in the situation to do anything because he has feared for his job.

- There have been situations with the supervisor that he has been physically touched and there has been a fear that he does not dare to speak out because he is afraid of losing his job, he admitted to Yle.

Sometimes Patterson’s colleagues have seen from the sidelines how he has been harassed, but still has not intervened.

According to him, most of the co-workers take the matter as a joke and it is printed with wool.

Patterson feels that the male-dominated industry influences attitudes to harassment and the fact that it is not necessarily taken seriously.

Patterson himself feels cynical because harassment is so common.

It has also begun to affect her dress as she tries to cover her body to minimize distressing comments.

- I am very kyynistynyt.

Nowadays, if someone comes to Praise, then they cannot properly receive it.

Yes, even in work clothes, I prefer to wear men's clothes rather than clothes that show shapes.

I have experienced that the more shapes you see, the more they are commenting on.

Patterson hopes that in the future he will be able to address the harassment the moment it happens.

She told Yle that when she revealed on social media that she was a guest on Ina Mikkola’s program, she received apologies from people who had previously harassed her.

- I'm very surprised and sincerely happy that some people feel that they have done wrong and willing to take responsibility for it, Patterson said.

- It creates hope, Mikkola said.

Ina Mikkola's Tilipäivä program on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Yle TV2 and Yle Areena.