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On October 16, the gendarmes of Frouard, near Nancy, were alerted for acts of domestic violence.

On their arrival, they found a woman locked in the toilet while her companion seemed very upset, reports

L'Est Républicain


What had happened before?

Seven months pregnant, the victim said she was repeatedly hit with the phone charger cable.

A medical examination later found 11 marks on his back and arm, according to the regional daily.

Judged, her spouse denied the facts.

“It's not me, I guess she hurt herself fixing the washing machine,” he said.

She was in tears because necessarily she is a woman.


The defendant, who was also on trial for death threats against the same victim between March and May 2020, was finally sentenced to ten months in prison.

He is also prohibited from coming into contact with his wife, with whom divorce proceedings are initiated.


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