After the victory of Luis Arce, the Bolivians reassured by a "return to normal"

Supporters of Luis Arce, new president of Bolivia, on October 19, 2020 in La Paz.

(AP Photo / Martin Mejia)

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Bolivia is preparing for the return of the MAS of Evo Morales.

The former president was however forced into exile last year after a social movement accusing him of fraud and corruption.

For a year now, Bolivia has been led by a transitional government with policies opposed to those of Evo Morales.

According to several polls at the exit of the polling stations, his dolphin Luis Arce won the presidential election in the first round.


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With our special correspondent in La Paz,

Oriane Verdier

The weather is nice in the central square of La Paz.

In front of the legislative assembly and the presidential palace, passers-by stroll in the sun.

I'm just passing by to find a friend to talk about the elections,"

explains Roy.

We are happy.

Because the transitional government has done nothing but steal and perpetrate acts of corruption.

They did absolutely nothing else.

Of course people want change, but since they had no better option, they preferred to bet on safety.


Roy wholeheartedly voted for MAS.

Sergio, he voted zero but shares the opinion of his elder on the transitional government of

Jeanine Añez

: “ 

I no longer came to this place.

When Jeannine took power, we went back to the days of the colonies.

The native was kept at a distance.

They saw Bolivia as a homogeneous country when it is not.



However, Sergio has some fears about the return to power of the MAS: “ 

I don't know how it will go… I hope they will not retaliate.

It is recurrent in Bolivia.

When the MAS took power, they cut off heads from the right.

When Jeannine took power, she continued to support the MAS.

If Arce does the same thing, there are bound to be new conflicts.


Sergio is also worried about the official results which will be revealed in a few days.

If the gap between the first two candidates is less important than announced, a second round could again stir up tensions.

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