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A hill in Nazca, Peru.

A painting of a giant cat, which appears to be an artwork 2,000 years ago, was discovered.

An animal looking straight ahead and smiling certainly looks like a cat, but it's huge.

It is said that only the width is 37m, and the thickness of each line is about 30 to 40cm.

It is said that this ground painting was painted on steep ground, making it difficult to see, and could have been lost due to natural erosion.

However, it is said that the Peruvian authorities accidentally discovered a picture of a cat while repairing the ruins.

Authorities say the painting is presumed to be a late Paracas civilization.

The Paracas civilization is a civilization that developed between 700 BC and 200 AD in this region of Peru, and it is said that cats often appear in ceramics and textiles made during this period.

Not only this painting, but also such huge ground paintings are often found in the Peruvian desert, but the reason or purpose of the painting is not known exactly, so it is considered one of the world's mysteries.

Netizens responded, "Ancient Peruvians were also unavoidable cat butlers? ㅋㅋ" "I think my son drew yesterday. Something clumsy but abstract~"