The Turku Court of Appeal has sentenced 25-year-old Joni Verneri Flöjt to two years and five months in prison for aggravated child sexual abuse.

The victim was a 12-year-old girl who had been lured to the train toilet by promising her a rush of cannabis.

Iltalehti previously reported on the judgment of the Turku Court of Appeal.

The perpetrator did not know his victim before, but had encountered this on a train from Tikkurila to Tampere.

The girl was alone on the train.

When the man got the girl with him in a cramped toilet, he pulled his pants down and tore his hair around and turned his victim around.

The man infiltrated his victim and did not care, even though the girl asked him to stop.

The man interrupted intercourse only when the victim threatened to cry for help.

After what happened in the toilet, the perpetrator went to sit next to his still shocked victim and touched his thigh.

As soon as the girl dared, she called her mother and told her what had happened on the train.

The crime took place in November 2016.

When the case was originally heard in the Pirkanmaa District Court, Flöjt claimed that the girl had told her that she was 16 years old and denied that she had lured the girl intoxicated.

According to Flöjt, they hid a conductor in the bathroom because neither had a ticket.

According to the girl, at no point did he tell the man his age and the man did not ask for it.

The district court found the girl's story more credible.

The District Court notes that at the time of the incident, the victim was clearly more of a child in appearance than my early child.

Even at the interrogation, the victim answered the questions more like a child than a young person.

For example, the girl had not understood what the word “prevention” meant.

According to the district court, Flöjt's activities on the train were ruthless and reprehensible.

He had sought his own satisfaction in a straightforward manner, regardless of the will of the victim.

In the Turku Court of Appeal, the imprisonment was increased by almost a year. Photo: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

The victim suffered aggression and a desire to harm himself after the incident.

He had suicidal thoughts and intense anxiety even in his sleep.

In the Pirkanmaa District Court, Flöjt was sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

In the Turku Court of Appeal, the imprisonment was increased by almost a year because the Court of Appeal ordered the man's previous conditional sentence to be enforced.

Flöjt was convicted of money laundering, robbery and attempted robbery, among other things, and was still on probation at the time of the sexual offense.

Flöjt was also sentenced to pay more than € 10,000 in compensation to his victim.