The player of the Norwegian hockey club Frisk Asker's U21 team has been seriously injured on Saturday in a league match against Lørenskog.

Norwegian site Ottar Eide, the administrative director of the Norwegian Hockey Association, who was interviewed by Netunisen, said the player was injured after colliding with a goal post.

- Unfortunately, the seriously injured player had maximum misfortune in the situation.

He hit the target (towards the goal) as badly as possible, Eiden said.

The player was rushed to Ullevål Hospital, where he was operated on on Sunday night.

The match was suspended immediately after the accident.

The club confirms this on its website, but was silent on the details of the whole event in its press release.

- We do not know even more about the quality of the injury, and therefore we cannot comment further, Nicolay Sørensen, CEO of Frisk Asker, who plays in the Norwegian main series, commented to VG.

Eide, director of administration at the Norwegian Hockey Association, said in an interview with Netunisen that the Askerhallen ice rink posts have not used common, more flexible fasteners in other troughs, and the paint will therefore not give up in collisions.

According to Sørensen, CEO of Frisk Asker, this ice rink is as safe as any other Norwegian hall.

The club's representative team played in Askerhallen as usual on Sunday.

On Monday morning, Frisk Asker added to his Instagram account a picture of the orange number seven on a black background - that is, according to the colors of the club.

There were no words attached to the picture, only a black and orange heart.

Players from the club’s representative team commented on a case that horrified the Norwegian hockey community after their own match on Sunday.

They were forbidden to disclose details of the injury.

Judging from everything, the news had been received with a very heavy heart.

- I've been playing hockey in a really long time, and I have never experienced anything like it.

When he hears about such a case, he is shocked on behalf of the player and his family, Anders Bastianssen, who also represented Norway at the World Cup, annoyed VG.

The injured player's class and teammate Eskil Wold, 18, scored his first goal of his career on the representative team on Sunday, but his thoughts were understandably in the injury as well.

- He's a good friend of mine.

I've played with him until less than 10 years old.

We are in the same class and I have close distances with him.

Now we just have to give all possible support to him and his family, even though we know little about the case, Wold said after the match.