SVT Örebro has previously reported that the number of positive cases has increased among young adults.

This worries 22-year-old Nea Axelsson Wijkström who has the disease obesity and is in the risk group for covid-19.

- I feel a constant worry when I am at university, that I have to be on my guard and keep track of where others are.

You notice quite clearly that many do not think about going in large groups and coughing and sneezing straight out, she says.

Fall behind in the studies

Nea is studying to be a preschool teacher and has had to give up several practical courses in order to devote herself to distance learning instead.

- Those who come to the university despite cold symptoms are worried about falling behind with their studies and not having the opportunity to redo in the near future and instead have to make up for it next year, Nea says.

Will you have to make up for what you missed?

- If the infection continues to increase, there is a fairly large risk, which means double work because you start new courses.

Remnants from this spring can not be made remotely but moved forward a year, but we do not know what it looks like with the pandemic then.

Hear her talk in the clip above about what she thinks universities should do to make it safe for students at risk.