Rosanna Kulju, known as the organizer of the Miss Helsinki competition and an influencer of social media, said that she went to Instagram to remove her lip filling.

Somekaunotar admitted that she was excited about the operation, as she had heard about the painful experiences of others.

- Now we're guys on the verge of excitement.

I am on the way for removal of fillings.

This is the fault of the time you see these lips.

These are outgoing veks, Kulju said in the Stories section of Instagram.

- Mua is so excited that my stomach hurts.

There is reportedly no pampering treatment.

Photo before the operation. Photo: Instagram / Rosannakulju

After the removal, Kulju introduced his lips in the video and stated that he was satisfied with the result.

The tension proved futile, as according to Kulju, the operation did not happen at all.

- I came to show my new Smile without fillings.

I think these became really nice.

Nice to see your own teeth.

A small bruise came, but it's time to leave, Kulju described.

- I would like to mention that I will definitely fill my lips again later, but I wanted these old ones away, he revealed.

Kulju presented the final result to his followers. Photo: Instagram / Rosannakulju

In his recent Grl Gang podcast, Kulju openly told him what operations have been performed on him over the years.

She said she underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2010. The operation cost SEK 48,000, or about EUR 5,000, at the time.

- I had been thinking about breast implants for a long time.

All my relatives had decent breasts except me.

I did a lot of work to save money, Kulju recalled in the podcast.

However, the operation was not successful, and Kulju eventually ended up going for a chest operation again the very next year.

At that time, the surgery was successful, and no other actual beauty surgeries have been performed on the woman since.

However, he revealed that he had attended other measures

- Various treatments and procedures have been performed on the face, mesoloes, stuffed lips, mesotherapy, stuffed under the eyes, raised eyebrows, stuffed cheeks, put on botox, Kulju listed.

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Walking photographed last summer.Photo: Jonna Öhrnberg

Rosanna Kulju is not the only person known to the public who has removed her lip filling.

Mailis Penttilä, who is familiar with the entire Finland baking program, said that he had to visit her lips several times in the summer to remove fillers.

He also published talkative before and after pictures.

You can see pictures from this link.

Mailis Penttilä and Rosanna Kulju have both competed in the Miss Helsinki competition.

Penttilä competed for the title in 2016. At that time, the competition was won by Jessica Ruokola.

Rosanna Kulju won the Miss Helsinki competition a year earlier.

Today, she is the organizer of a beauty contest.