Norwegian hockey club Frisk Asker said on Monday that its U21 player Mats Hildisch was paralyzed in Saturday's league game against Lørenskog.

Norwegian site Ottar Eide, the administrative director of the Norwegian Hockey Association, who was interviewed by Netunisen, was injured after colliding with a goal post.

- After thorough examinations, he has been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, which has unfortunately led to permanent paralysis, the club announced.

Hildisch, 18, is a defender on the pitch.

He was cut on Sunday night.

According to the club, Hildisch will be discharged from the hospital next week, after which she will be transferred for rehabilitation.

Eide said in an interview with Netunisen that the Askerhallen ice rink posts have not used common, more flexible fasteners in other troughs, and the paint will therefore not give up in collision situations.

The case has been widely shocked in Norway.

- I've been playing hockey in a really long time, and I have never experienced anything like it.

When he hears about such a case, he is shocked on behalf of the player and his family, Anders Bastianssen, who also represented Norway at the World Cup, commented to VG.