China News Service, October 19, according to the "Central News Agency" report, the "Cameron Peak Fire" in Colorado, the United States continued to spread, has become the largest wildfire in the state's history, burning 80,677 hectares of land, more than 1,500 people Is participating in fire fighting.

On October 16, local time, a satellite image of the "Cameron Peak" mountain fire in Colorado, USA.

  According to reports, the "Cameron Peak" fire started in mid-August and continued to spread with the help of strong winds.

According to information from the Larimer County County Security Officer’s Office, 62% of the fire is currently under control, but mandatory evacuation measures are still maintained near Highway 34 in Larimer County.

As the fire hazard was still in danger, on the evening of October 17, several alarms in northern Colorado had not been lifted.

  The report said that the smoke from the fire is expected to increase.

The smoke and dust has spread into the northeastern part of Colorado, and across state boundaries, into southwestern Nebraska and northwestern Kansas.

  In addition, Colorado authorities are currently fighting another wildfire called the "Calwood Fire."

After the fire started burning in Pouldshire on the 17th, it had expanded to more than 2,800 hectares as of the evening of the 17th.

  The Colwood fire prompted the local residents to be forced to evacuate, and the authorities also told residents in the surrounding areas to prepare for evacuation.