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has been a controversy in China recently over the impressions of BTS' award.

However, there is also a backlash in China because a large logistics company in China said it would stop shipping products related to BTS.

Correspondent Kim Ji-sung reports from Beijing.

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is an article posted on social media by Wynda, a Chinese logistics company, through his Korean branch account.

He said that he has been receiving a lot of inquiries about BTS and that they have temporarily suspended delivery of items related to BTS.

He said, "The cause is everyone knows."

It is presumed that BTS is taking a problem with what they said about the Korean War while receiving an award in the United States.

[RM/BTS leader: We must forever remember the history of suffering and the sacrifices of many people both countries have suffered together.]

A week ago, the controversy was raised and then quieted. Is poured.

Some Chinese netizens hailed Winda as a patriotic company.

On the other hand, Chinese fans who had been buying BTS-related products from Korea rebelled.

There were lines of comments saying, "Customs also do normal customs clearance, but the company is dominating" and "I will use another logistics company in the future."

Then Winda deleted the article.

There was also a dispute over the bottled water, a special product of BTS.

When Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong supported the democratic movement's stance that the name of bottled water flows like water, some netizens criticized it.

As the conflict with the United States intensifies, patriotism has been particularly emphasized in China in recent years.