US President Donald Trump once again incited citizens against the governor Gretchen Whitmer during an election campaign in the US state of Michigan.

For months she has been an avowed enemy of Trump in the dispute over the management of the Corona crisis and is targeted by violent, patriotic extremists who want to put her out of office.

"You have to get your governor to open your state," Trump called to his supporters in Muskegon, referring to the Corona restrictions in Michigan, some of which judges had declared unconstitutional.

Thereupon his followers chanted: "Lock them up!"

Trump replied, "Lock them all up."

Last week, investigators from the Federal Police FBI and the Justice Department arrested more than a dozen suspects from a terrorist militia.

They are accused, among other things, of making concrete and immediate plans to kidnap Whitmer and storm parliament in Michigan's capital Lansing to start a civil war.

"I think they said she was threatened," Trump said of the governor as the calls resurrected at his campaign rally.

"And she blamed me!"

Whitmer had accused Trump of fueling citizens' anger in the corona pandemic.

Trump had fueled protests against Whitmer's measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the spring.

Back then he wrote messages on Twitter like "Free Michigan!"

The governor reacted immediately to Trump's statements in the election campaign on Saturday.

"This is exactly the rhetoric that has put the lives of me, my family and other government officials at risk. It has to stop," she wrote on Twitter.

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The day before, the Democratic challenger in the US presidential election campaign, Joe Biden, had described Trump's unwillingness to publicly condemn the rise of white, racist groups in the US as "astonishing".

The kidnapping plans thwarted by police showed that these groups were on par with domestic terrorists, Biden said in a speech in Michigan with Governor Whitmer standing next to him.

"This is behavior you would expect from Isis," said Biden.

It should shock every American.