The Japanese government has opened a YouTube channel to promote the resolution of Japanese abduction by North Korea.

The Japanese government's abduction issue countermeasures headquarters opened an official YouTube channel yesterday (on the 16th) and started posting a video that appeals to the international community's interest in addressing the abduction of Japanese citizens in North Korea.

The Abduction Countermeasure Headquarters uploaded the first video on YouTube with a 15-minute animation that depicts the abduction process of Megumi Yokota, who is considered a symbol of Japanese abduction victims.

Yokota Megumi disappeared in Niigata City, Japan at the age of 13 when he was a freshman in junior high school in 1977.

The Kidnapping Countermeasure Headquarters also posted a 58-minute video on YouTube titled'The voice of the international community demanding resolution of the kidnapping problem' following the introduction of Megumi.

The second video, produced in English and Japanese, contains the message of Prime Minister Suga, who is making resolution of the abduction issue a top priority for state affairs, and also includes messages from US Assistant Secretary of State David Stillwell and officials from Australia and the European Union.

The Japanese government will continue to produce videos of various events held on the subject of the abduction issue through its YouTube channel.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Japanese government has officially revealed that 17 of its nationals disappeared at home and abroad were kidnapped by North Korea, and 5 of them returned.

Regarding this, North Korea has argued that of the 12 remaining after returning to Japan, eight people, including Megumi, died, and four had never entered North Korea, claiming that there was no kidnapping problem to resolve.

(Photo = Yonhap News)