Swedish TV4 news reported over the weekend that criminal gangs had even declared a curfew in the Tensta residential area at the end of August.

On the afternoon of August 25, police had wondered why there were unusually few people on the move in downtown Tensta.

- Members of the criminal groups had informed the locals that they were not allowed outside after 6 p.m.

The information then spread from mouth to mouth, Therese Rosengren, Rinkeby area police chief, told TV4.

He said people had been threatened with violence if they disobeyed.

According to police, there are six criminal groups operating in the immigrant-dominated Järva area.

At least two of them are in a gang war with each other, which broke out as early as July when the man was stabbed to death.

The violence has now shot four young men to death and made several assassination attempts.

Gangs are alleged to use children up to the age of 10 to aid in the transmission of drugs and weapons.

The Swedish Minister of the Interior condemns the gang threats and states that he had not previously heard of the August curfew.

- I'm sure the police will take these allegations seriously and will ensure that Swedish law is respected throughout the country.

No criminal is allowed to set boundaries for honorable citizens, Interior Minister Mikael Damberg commented on TV4.

In August, it sparked attention and discussion when young, armed masked men erected roadblocks and checked cars in the Angered suburb of Gothenburg in the middle of the day.