At the intensive care unit in Växjö, Nabeel Faeq Mahdi was cared for in a respirator for 32 days.

When he woke up, he thought he had slept one day.

But his body was stiff and powerless, he says.

- I could not move, not my fingers or leg, says Nabeel Faeq Mahdi.

Be careful

Nabeel Faeq Mahdi does not know where he became infected with the coronavirus.

As he has underlying diseases, he and his family have been careful to follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency to, for example, keep their distance and wash their hands carefully.

- But it did not help, we were affected anyway, he says.

The road back to everyday life is long.

Although he was declared healthy from covid- 19 this summer, he still suffers from the suites after the illness.

He still has difficulty breathing and sometimes has difficulty swallowing.

He regularly goes to rehab training in Älmhult.

In the hall at home is an exercise bike that he trains for short periods several times a day.

He says he makes progress every day.

- At first I could not walk 20 meters even.

Now I can walk a maximum of 500 meters, he says.

Want to start working

The hope is to be able to start working part-time as a study supervisor at a school in Älmhult municipality on 1 December.

- I hope it can work.

I want my life back, Nabeel concludes.